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Challenge - Project 2011

Goal of the event

Within the frame of the 1911 Paris-Madrid race rememberance, the "association du patrimoine Feuille-aviation-verte.jpgMorane-Saulnier" will organize between June 16th and June 23rd, 2011 an aerial challenge between Paris and Madrid on the theme of Green Aviation. All catégories mixed, we are expecting about 20 aircraft coming mainly from France and Spain for this event.

The goal is to make the pilots and actors of tourism aviation of tomorrow more sensitive to their environment.


For this challenge, we are expecting innovating aircraft, using forthcoming technologies or VLAs with an innovationg and performant engine and aerodynamics. All along the journey, the pilots will have the occasion to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of their aircraft, especially during the crossing of the Pyrénées mountains..

Historical reminders will take place along the journey. DAHER-Socata in Tarbes will offer the possibility to visit its plant during the week-end on June saturday 18th 2011.

You will find more information on the related pages of this site ...

The 2 main parts of the project :

The rememberance
- Such a journey for the aircraft and technology of that time represented a real challenge. We wish, in our way, remember the challenge of that period with aircraft prototypes and innovative of today. The dates chosen for this project are the ones of the rememberance of the centenary of Socata in Tarbes, June 18th, 2011.

Green aviation challenge
- Nowadays, a few manufacturers dash into the conception of aircraft innovative prototypes, on an aerodynamic, engine and structural point of view. This event will be the opportunity to show to the public new generations of aircraft to emphasize the generation of tomorrow.  

On the basis of a regulation containing criterias of evaluations, we wish to reward the manufacturer having conceived, made or improved the most performant aircraft on the points of view of energy consumption, payload and speed.

- The aircraft of the "Eco" challenge will be followed by the other aircraft considered "energy saving". This category will be judged on the same criterias + aerial navigation tests. 

  You can find the agreement on download page.



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