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Challenge - Commemoration 1911
 In 1911, Raymond Saulnier with his friends Léon Morane and Gabriel Borel put their knowledge in common to create the "Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes Morane-Borel-Saulnier". From May 21st to May 26th 1911, 11 aircraft among which 1 Morane-Saulnier and 1 Morane-Borel take off in the aim to win the 200 000 francs prize of the race between Paris and Madrid. Jules Védrines won the race on the single wing Morane-Borel.

The mythical steps...1911-Issy_les_moulineaux.jpg

May 21st :  Issy-les-Moulineaux, 4 competitors take off. Jules Védrines will take off on a "Morane Borel" the day after.

May 23rd : Angoulème, only Garros, Gibert and Védrines are able to take off for the second step of the race.

May 25th : San Sebastian, Garros and Gibert have to stop the race near San Sebastian for technical reasons.

May 25th : Burgos, following a technical problem, Jules Védrines has to stop for the night.

JulesVedrines.jpgMay 26th :  Madrid-Getafe, Jules Védrines arrives in Getafe.
Jules Védrines

Start of the race

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